Kossuth in Aberdeen


In July 1856, Lajos Kossuth visited Aberdeen as part of his Scottish lecture tour.
We did some research in the University of Aberdeen's Historic Collection,
and found some newspaper reports from the time...

Announcement of Kossuth's visit to Aberdeen

Announcement of Kossuth Lajos' visit to Aberdeen, from the "Aberdeen Herald" of July 5, 1856.
The Mechanics' Hall, where Kossuth appeared, is now part of the Hotel Metro in Market Street.
Kossuth stayed in the Douglas Hotel, a few doors down the road.
For the interested visitor, Market Street runs from Union Street to the harbour.

Hotel Metro, Aberdeen             Ramada Jarvis, formerly the Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen

Hotel Metro and Ramada Jarvis (formerly the Douglas Hotel), Market Street, Aberdeen.
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Lengthy reports of Kossuth's speech, and local reactions, were printed over the following weeks
in both the Herald, the "Aberdeen Free Press" and the "Aberdeen Journal".

Text of the Aberdeen Journal (9 July 1856) article, including part of Kossuth's speech, can be read by clicking here.