Kossuth in Edinburgh

Kossuth visited Edinburgh on several occasions during 1856.
The city was, of course, much smaller than it is today.

Leith was almost a separate port town, and Robert Louis Stevenson was a 6-year old boy.

Edinburgh in 1860
Edinburgh in 1860

The Daily Scotsman had reported a rumour in 1854 that Kossuth may visit in the near future,
but this does not seem to have happened...

July 8 1854

In 1856, The Daily Scotsman first reports on April 2nd and 5th that efforts are being made to secure an appearance,
 and then confirms that Kossuth will deliver a lecture in early May.

April 2 1856

 April 5 1856

These efforts were successful, and Kossuth appeared in Edinburgh, giving lectures April 30th and May 3rd.
The latter was reported at some length in the Daily Scotsman.

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May 3 1856

Some idea of the number of the popularity of Kossuth as a public speaker can be found
 in the list of towns and cities he agreed to lecture in during the summer of 1856 ...

May 1856

It is thought that Kossuth may have visited Edinburgh during June or July,
as it is mentioned in reports from Dunfermline that he travelled from the capital.
Unfortunately, we haven't yet found any relevant newspaper reports.

By September Kossuth was again in demand, and agreed to return to Edinburgh for further lectures.

September 27 1856

Because he had recently toured Scotland speaking of Hungary's relationship with Austria,
Kossuth varied his programme a little by speaking about the contemporary problems in Italy, particularly in Naples.

October 18, 1856

In November and December, Kossuth gave lectures in Edinburgh as promised.
Between 28th November and 2nd December he delivered talks in various locations in the city,
including one specifically aimed at the working men.

November 26 1856

Newspaper reports on the lectures were, as usual, full of praise for Kossuth's oratory skills...

December 8 1856