Turmeau Hall, Edinburgh
Craighouse Campus, Napier University
  March 12th, 2006

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The way to go!    Craighouse

Indy welcomes everyone!     The guests     Szalay Tamas Lajos     Keri Gyorgy

Ben Forrester       Erika entertaining the kids        Coffee or tea?       Not sure ...

Making flags      The guests ...      Marianne & Indy      Kossuth kifli

Keri & Indy     Bukits and their guests     Some of the Glasgow folk       More guests  

Some of the guests

The above pictures are courtesy of T Szalay, Albannach. More at www.skocia.hu



The above 7 pictures are courtesy of the Harmati family.


The above 4 pictures are courtesy of Lelkes Kati.